Illuma Developments

At Illuma we live in the homes we build, this is why we strongly believe in the importance of thoughtful home design. An emphasis on practical and forethought design details, quality of materials and solid locations results in more time for you to live your best life and for your home to retain its value for years to come. We build community and timeless homes where people want to  live and grow together.


Grimwood Architecture

Grimwood is an architecture practice based in Vancouver. We explore sensible design practices that empower simple, lived experiences.   Design for us is about fostering relationships between the existing and the new. Our designs extend the voices of current neighbourhoods into creative and lasting interventions. We have built in seven municipalities across the lower mainland.


Paula Castellon

In addition to working with buyers, sellers, and investors, Paula also assists developers with presales. She understands the unique challenges that come with preselling properties and is well-equipped to help developers and buyers navigate the process.


Loop & Co

Co Founders Morgan Docksteader and Nicole Coston have been crafting thoughtful designs for residential and commercial spaces in British Columbia over the past decade. Their diverse design backgrounds create a unique set of complimentary skills that generates beauty & balance in every design. Utilizing raw materials such as wood, stone, and concrete, enable us to create cozy yet simplistic interiors that will reflect the personalities who live their, and will leave you the ultimate homebody.

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